Our first experience in Africa - 1993
     The beginning of knowing our purpose in God...
1993 Bungoma, Kenya
Digging the footers for the new Bungoma Bible School
Cutting rebar
The beginnings of Justus' house
Justus...His dream has come true by 2012!
Bill and Kevin - a worship leader
Bill's ride...The Kimbilio
January 1994 - The Bungoma Bible School
Back to Home
Mama and Mzee - Bill and Mona
Mona, Henry and Bill
Our guide and Masai warrior on our walk ... wherever our steps walked ...
Mona, Miriam and Esther, and Bill
Mama Julie and Mama Miriam
The Swamp at the Amboselli - Mt. Kilamanjaro in the clouds
Acacia Tree
Sunset on the Amboseli - our assignment once again complete
12/2011 The Amboseli Assignment
12/2011 The Machakos Assignment
Our son, Henry
Ramona and Timothy
Henry and Bill
Redeeming the Property
Redeeming the River
Henry Land and Parents Land
Henry's Mother
Timothy, Jacinta and Henry's Father
Rainbow - YHVH's Blessing
11/2011 The Mt. Kenya Assignment.
Mt. Kenya Base Camp
Bill with Mt. Kenya peak in the background...His Masai blanket
Hezron and Henry accompanied Bill
Bill redeeming the land and blowing the shofar over Kenya
Henry redeeming the land and blowing the shofar over Kenya
Bill and guide - hiking up Mt. Kenya
Pastor Timothy - Deliverance Church, Kahawa West, Nairobi
Youth leading worship
Bill praying for people...
11/2011 Kahawa West Deliverance Church, Nairobi