As missionaries to Kenya, East Africa in 1993-1994 their hearts were captured and their lives completely changed by this experience.   During this time Bill oversaw the building of Bungoma Bible School.  It was here that Ramona surrendered to the call to preach.  They ministered together to many people, tribes, and churches.  

In 1999 they led a team to Kenya for Shalom Ministeries, Des Monies, Iowa, to minister and promote educational endeavors.  

Bill and Ramona Jolly founded YAHshua International, Inc. in June 1999 to facilitate the calling of God upon their lives.    With a heartbeat for missions and Biblical education YAHshua International Bible College and Seminary was started in September 1999.   The first classes were held in Russellville, AR.  

In 2000 YAHshua International partnered with Christian Life Teachings (CLT) in Bungoma, Kenya and others to help build a headquarters training center.  In 2001 YAHshua Bible College and Seminary became the accreditation covering for CLT.  Please view the mission pages for further information.  By January 2005 CLT became eligible to receive their own accreditation, which they did.

The Jollys have served as leaders in the Bible education community since 1994.   Ramona served as Dean of Students to Christian Life School of Theology.  This provided valuable experience and furthered their education.    

In 2007 students from Bigelow Assembly of God completed one year of study getting their diploma degree.  

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Our name, YAHshua, is Jesus' Hebrew name with Father's name, YAHweh, emphasized.  Our logo was created with information from artifacts dating to the first and second century Messianic believers.  The symbol of the menorah, the Star of David, and the fish is believed to have been the seal of the first church.  To our organization it represents symbols of God's family from the time of the menorah in the Mosaic tabernacle to the first Messianic believers, then to all Christians.  The colors are those used in the Mosaic tabernacle and have significant meaning:  red, white, blue, purple and gold.  The Hebrew tetragram, YHWH, located in the center of the Star of David represents the name YAHweh.

YAHshua International, Inc. is a non-profit organization.  Our mission and purpose is to provide a base of ministry for the function of and training of individuals at the post-secondary, educational level in Bible-based areas of theology, ministry, missions plus other educational opportunities and ventures that may deem as appropriate in the future.

Rev. Billy D. Jolly, B.Th., President and Co-Founder
Christian Life School of Theology, Columbus, GA

Dr. Ramona B. Jolly, Ph.D., Vice-President and Co-Founder
Shalom Bible College & Seminary, Des Moines, IA

Dr. Bud Avants, Th.D., YAHshua Bible College & Seminary (In Loving Memory)

Mr. John Peronnet, Master of Systems Engineering

Dr. Dallas Eggemeyer, Th.D., President-CEO Lightbearers International
Shalom Bible College & Seminary, Des Moines, IA

Mr. Nick Eggemeyer, Executive VP-CFO Lightbearers international
BS Business Management

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"Go...and make disciples of all nations...baptizing them...teaching them..."  Matthew 18:19-20

YAHshua International, Inc. is about fulfilling the great commission.  One way we do this is to provide a quality, post-secondary Bible-based education opportunity.  Our name, YAHshua, is Jesus' Hebrew name with Father's name emphasized.  YAHshua International Bible School is an entity of this 501(c)(3) organization.  The Jollys, founders and directors, have not only served as leaders in the Biblical education community but have been missionaries to Kenya, East Africa.  They are still actively involved in missions work in Kenya, East Africa.
YAHshua International, Inc.